Featured Athletes: Andrew & Hayley Blizzard

Featured Athletes: Andrew & Hayley Blizzard

Andrew and Hayley joined CrossFit Assateague just two short months ago, and they are in full swing, drinking the CrossFit Koolaid.

This beautiful couple has been married for four and half years, they have three beautiful little girls at home ages five and younger. Andrew has his own landscaping business while Hayley holds a full time job, but they have made it a priority to work out together.

Q: What brought you both to CrossFit Assateague?

Hayley: “Andy had been wanting to get a gym membership together for a long time, he started looking at YouTube videos about Crossfit, and I happen to work with Sandra, (a CrossFit Trainer at CrossFit Assateague), so I asked her about it and we decided to give it a go.”

Q: What made you join as a couple instead of choosing your own individual hobby time?

Hayley: “Motivation! We are pretty competitive so it keeps us going to try and beat each other’s times and/or reps. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.”

Q: Had you tried other workout methods before?

Hayley: “I had gotten a gym membership about three years ago. All I would do was either walk on the tread mill or elliptical and maybe do a Zumba class here and there. I saw no results because my self motivation sucks, so I just stopped going.”

Andrew: “I too joined the local gym, but I didn’t like it. I also had basic training for national guard.”

Q: Why do you personally feel CrossFit is a better fit for you than other fitness programs?

Hayley: “My self motivation sucks. I need someone to tell me what to do and push me to actually do it! I feel like Crossfit is a family and everyone is keeping each other motivated and encouraged!”

Andrew: ” For me, it’s an effective work out that I don’t have to think about, I show up and it’s already well thought out.”

Q: What were your thoughts after your very first WOD (workout of the day)?

Hayley: “We were both soooo amazed at how nice and welcoming everyone was! Everyone was encouraging and kind. And then there was the pain… Oh the pain.”

Andrew: “Ouch, but the pain is only temporary”

Q: What keeps you coming back?

Hayley: “We love it! Everyone there is so awesome, and we love the results that we are already starting to see.”

Andrew: “We both thoroughly enjoy it.”

Q. Favorite CF move (don’t fight over burpees!):

Hayley: “Kettle bell swings. My thighs are one of my “problem areas” and after doing 85 kettle bell swings the other day, man did my inner thighs hurt!”

Andrew: “I love Toes to Bar, and had no idea I was so good at it!”

Q: Do you see CF as a part of your life forever?

Hayley: “I definitely see us doing CrossFit forever! We’re addicted to it.”

Q: Do you have any goals with your CrossFit journey?

Hayley: “To get better at each workout. If I improve even a little at each workout then I’m happy.”

Andrew: “My main goal is to continue to get stronger”

Q. With three kids, Andrews business, and your full time job, how do you make time for CrossFit?

Hayley: “The times of the classes actually work pretty good with our schedules where we can either fit it in before or after work. During the week we go by ourselves while the other is watching the girls and on Saturdays my mom watches them so we can both go.”

Q: What would you say to someone who’s never stepped into a CF box and is contemplating if CF is the right choice for them?

Hayley: “I would tell them to give it a try at least once! If someone like me who has very little strength can do it then anyone can! You never know if it’s for you until you try.”


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