Featured Athlete: Dawn Scher

Featured Athlete: Dawn Scher

“Dawn is always an inspiration to myself and all the other athletes around her. She can find the positive in any situation. She’s humble, dedicated, and works hard always! I have watched her blossom in so many ways just in the past year, and I can’t wait to see her continued improvements as she continues to train consistently. We have many strong women in our box but Dawn takes the cake, physically and mental ly. I am lucky to call her my friend, and to train aside her.”-Coach Watts

What brought you to CF?

My childhood friend, Crissy Williams, had posted about CF a few times on facebook in 2009. When I looked it up I thought it and all the people were CRAZY. But over six months I kept coming back to it – wondering. One day I was at my daughter’s swim lesson in Ocean Pines and saw two women facing away from me standing with such strength in their bodies that I thought “they crossfit.” I approached one lady and said “excuse me” intending to ask “do you crossfit?” When she turned around she had on a Crossfit Ocean City tee-shirt! I laughed and told her the above story. She introduced herself as one of the local owners, Kelley Rakow, and encouraged me to call sometime soon. It still took me over a week to call and come in for the intro visit, but that was the start.

What KEPT you coming back?

Crossfit is the MOST consistently positive place and group of people I’ve ever been around. Learning new skills and rediscovering old joys (handstands!) has been so much fun! Difficult and challenging, but fun!

What keeps you motivated?

Over the past five years I have had different motivations. Initially it was really about body shape. Now it is about feeling strong, confident and capable. Plus the infusion of positive energy with the physical boost improves my day EVERY DAY!

What would you tell someone who told you they needed to get in shape before starting Crossfit?

The joke I always say is “round is a shape,” but seriously I was NOT fit when I started. When I started in June 2010 I thought I would die from the heat, humidity and exertion. But everything can be scaled and the trainers are careful to scale for what we CAN do. The camaraderie is for encouragement not competition. The positive encouragement will support you getting in shape more than anything else.

Favorite barbell move?

Deadlift – short legs are perfect for dead-lifting and with the right form (angry gorilla – tight core) you can lift lots of weight!

Favorite CF memory?

Too many to pick just one! Ask me about “shuffle, shuffle, breath” because it kept me going early on. Some other great memories are the first time I finished an entire WOD without the trainer cutting my rounds, my first CF total when I shoulder pressed 84 lbs, doing the CF open this year for my first time and getting one unassisted pull up, the time a deer darted in front of me in the dark on one of our early morning runs, and the sunrise for the 5:30 class, our secret joy.

Last words from Dawn:

“CF may not be for everyone but everyone should try it. Yes, it is challenging, but it is also fun! The results can be amazing and as long as you listen to your body and your coaches it is extremely safe. Thank you to all my trainers since 2010: Kelley, Steve, Anne. Lorie, Erik, Lora, Frank, Brian, Sandra and especially MICHELLE and BETSY!”

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