CrossFit Assateague’s Featured Athlete: Laura Powell

CrossFit Assateague’s Featured Athlete: Laura Powell

“I came for the WOD but stayed for the people”– Laura Powell

How long have you been Crossfitting? 
•I started February 1, 2016

What made you try CF?
•My friend and I always liked to try new things and new challenges to help benefit our physical well being. She saw an ad for CFA and said, “that’s our next thing”

And what keeps you coming back?
•Mainly the people and the positive atmosphere. There is a big part of me that loves the numbers. I love to see where I am now compared to where I was and I keep coming back to see how much further I can go. I love watching my CFA family get stronger together and rally for one another as we test our limits individually. My new favorite saying “I came for the WOD but stayed for the people”

•I think the list of my least favorites is way smaller than my favorites… but my current favorites are deadlifts, squats, clean and jerks and slam balls… is there a burpee penalty if I pick more than one?

What’s your biggest achievement in CF so far?
•I have some lifts lately that I am very proud of and some new Personal Records but I think my currently biggest accomplishment is doing unassisted toes to bar. I picked this because I couldn’t do it before and I didn’t give up, I tried and I finally did it. I  am a huge number person and I think it’s the best way to measure progress, but this is different. There is not a number attached to it but my pride when I did it was un-measurable. 

Last, if you could give advice to someone who’s considering giving CF a try for the first time what would you tell them?
•Do it. Just start it. Don’t worry about what you can and can’t do on day one. Don’t worry about the amount of plates on the bar or what place you finish in. Just think about all the good things you are doing for yourself and know that you WILL grow stronger and you will do things you thought you were never capable of. Just do it and do not give up.

Laura lives in Berlin with her husband Matt and her daughter Kyleigh (age 11). She does the marketing and design for Coldwell Banker Vacations and is also a landscape photographer. When she is not working or working out, you can find her on the beach either relaxing with her feet in the sand or running down by the water with her camera in hand.

“Laura is your ideal athlete.  She consistently trains (which is why she has such great results), she works hard, and always with a positive attitude and huge smile on her face (often followed by a sarcastic remark).  CrossFit Assateague is a better gym with Laura in it.” -Coach Watts

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