Featured Athlete: Shelly Och Callahan

Featured Athlete: Shelly Och Callahan

“One of the original CrossFit Assateague members. Shelly attacks each WOD with intensity and integrity never compromising form. Outside of the WOD she is the most compassionate loving person you will ever meet.”- Coach Betsy

That pretty much sums up our Shelly! This girl is full of spunk and we can’t get enough of her! Fabulous hair stylist by day, wife and mother to a beautiful little girl, our Shelly wears many hats (and they’re always fabulous).

What brought you to CFA? “I was in a rut with my routine, and I heard Betsy talking about opening a Crossfit box… Hmmm… this was always something I wanted to try and here it was being handed to me on a silver platter. I was very lucky to get in on the ground level.”

Favorite Lift? “I enjoy learning and conquering new challenges so I do not discriminate on the lifts.”

Favorite workout? “Any of the Hero WODs are my favorite and by far the most rewarding, and quite frankly any WOD is great as long as you have a great team supporting you, and clearly we do at CFA.”

What’s your favorite toy in the box? “Boxes for box jumps”

Favorite Paleo Dish: Mexican Sweet Potatoes stuffed with ground turkey taco meat, veggies, and Greek yogurt

Biggest Challenge since you started: “Getting my eating in order. I wasted almost 8 months of Crossfit by not eating clean”

Biggest Accomplishment at CrossFit? : “Seeing how far I’ve come in such a short period of time.”

Shelly is an inspiration in the box, and we are blessed to have her in our lives at CFA. ┬áKeep up the amazing work Shelly, can’t wait to continue to watch you grow. ┬áHard work and dedication pay off everytime.


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